Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Deity of Interest: Spider Grandmother

Spider Grandmother, creatrix Crone Goddess

Spider Grandmother is creator of the world in Native American religions and myths. According to mythology she was responsible for the stars in the sky. She took a web she had spun, laced it with dew, threw it into the sky and the dew became the stars. Spider Woman is a metaphor for she who creates from a central source. One day it is she who will pull all of her creation back to her source. Her webs represent the grid and the matrix of our reality - The Spiderweb Effect.

The Spiderweb Effect means that all things originate from a central source, spiral out in a matrix, a grid, a lattice, and a web, following the same sacred geometric patterns, and are connected to each other and that source. If something affects one part of the web, it affects everything. Spider Woman's web links you to everything and everybody in our reality. It is how we learn to be psychic and to communicate telepathically.

Spider Woman is also linked with dream catchers. During dream time we remove part of our consciousness from physical reality and venture off through her web, to experience that which we cannot understand with our physical consciousness. Native Americans believe in the legend of Spider Woman, she who sits at the great, galactic center. She is the female force of all creation, who joins all nations, all tribes, all galactic families and all realities together in her web.

The Navaho revere Grandmother Spider Woman because she taught them how to read, and is the divine spinner amongst Native Americans in the South West. Her web is a shining web of spiritual, human and ecological relationships that has become invisible in the contemporary world. That's why her mask weeps. When we work with Spider Woman, we are inviting her to weave us back into the Web, strand by strand, story by story, remembering our connections, finding our way back to the Center.

They says that when Spider Woman returns, the world will enter a new age. Here, stretched exactly across from our line of vision, is a perfect spider web, spun so that, unless we look in a certain way, it is invisible. But if we shift our viewpoint, there it is overlaid on our horizons, our landscapes, our days. A shimmering, transparent web. Spider Woman's reminder, her gift, her blessing.

Whimsically yours,

Rev. Faemore Lorei,
Shrine Head and Director
Altar of the Arcane Song

The Chant of Goddess Across the Worlds ...

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