Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dragon: Faemore's Mythic Totem

Dragon has been with me since childhood. He warmly wrapped his wings around me as I devoured Patricia C. Wrede’s Dragon Series when I was a little girl. I wanted very much to be Princess Cimorene, and to live in the Enchanted Forest, and to have a dragon like Kazul as my very best friend for life. When I was much older and I actually did meet my best friend for life, Rivenis Black, I fondly recall him referring to himself as a dragon during our earlier encounters. Looking back on it now, it feels so right that this man, whom I have since claimed as a brother, identified himself this way. It reaffirms what I already knew as a child. Dragon is family.
Whenever I have need of comfort, I imagine the wings of Dragon, mammoth and membranous and webbed, wrapping themselves around me from head to heart with warmth and with love. Whenever I describe this vision to others, they are uncomfortable with being that close to his heat. I however, have always run hot. My natural body temperature has always been warmer than that of other people, and because of this I do not register heat in the atmosphere the same as most other people do. I fancy that this is because I am Dragon-Born. Recently, Dragon has lifted his head, stretched his wings and, with a deep breath of fire, reminded me that he is still in my heart.
Dragon totem is a powerful guardian and guide. He brings to me messages of might and of magick, but also messages of balance and receptivity. He is a creature of mystery and wonder, and he teaches me to look upon the worlds with his ancient eyes. Dragon is the embodiment of primordial power and creative energy; as such he reigns over all the elements and is ruler of stone, sky, star, sea, and soul. Beyond elemental magick, Dragon is a totem of the spiritual powers of metamorphosis and transmutation, and of fierce protection as well. He is a symbol of high nature, of infinity itself, and as such he has potent restorative powers.
My Dragon is an Earth Dragon. I won’t describe exactly how he looks, for that is a private matter I wouldn’t want manifesting in someone else’s dream, so it is sufficient enough to say I think that he is a totem of power, potential and riches. That is what he shows me, my potential and my riches, what I am capable of. With him I discover the beauty and power that lie deep within me, just as he lies deep within the earth. When I call, he comes slow and heavy, unhurried in his approach, knowing time is an illusion and we have all of infinity to get our work done. I feel his weight around me, within my work, within my being. He grounds and nurtures my energy in the soil of Spirit in the same way Mother Earth does.
Dragon totem gives me the strongest protection from dark intent, for safe within the silence and secrets of his cave, wrapped within the warmth of his wings, what could harm me? His power is also shedding his skin, teaching me to shed mine, and emerging a newly transformed, and changed individual. Above all Dragon is faithful. I know he will never leave me, especially in the darkest night of my soul. The same as Goddess, his energies are the energies of the earth and the multiverse.  But beyond being protective, Dragon is also extremely possessive. Never touch a dragon’s possessions, least of all its gold. The parts of you that are not roasted and eaten will be squished and dropped from a great height :)
Dragon connects me to my Ancestors, and to their wisdom, that I may deepen my own understanding. Dragon-born individuals possess knowledge that always seems to surpass what they have learned, for they can connect to the infinite intelligence of their totem, of Dragon, who is the lore keeper of the Earth. They are mighty, have a righteous temper and are fiercely loyal to those they consider family and friends. Dragon-borns are also pack rats, keeping things that they no longer use and hording odds and ends that they might need some day. They are able to dispel their own sorrow and fear and to become invulnerable for others, so they may lead them out of the trouble of their lives as well. I have done this myself many times for the souls in my life that I love.
My relationship with Dragon is a private affair I share with no one. He came to me as a solitary creature, blazing his trail all on his own and he demands no less from me. We reside in our secrets and solitude, him and I, walking our path alone. Just like the Crone, Dragon is the Keeper of Silence and Secrets. Just like Baba Yaga, my Arch-Patroness Deity, Dragon is a Creator Destroyer. The same way she grinds me up in her mortar and pestle to transform and change me, so too does Dragon burn me and set me on fire, that I may be recreated … that I may be as a child, as a god … that I may be eternal and infinite – as he is.

With whimsy,

Reverend Faemore Lorei
Shrine Head and Director
Altar of the Arcane Song

In the woods I deeply walk … with Dragon


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